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Employee Benefits

Paid Time Off

Paid Time off is earned and may be taken as it is accrued after satisfactorily completing the Introductory Period of employment (90 days).
Benefited positions accrue leave time, based on the hours worked each pay period. The accrual shown here is based on 80 hours of worked time per pay period.
PTO Days:

    First Year: 26 Days
    Two to Five Years: 31 Days
    Six to Nine Years: 37 Days
    Ten Years or More: 43 Days

The above totals include 8 holidays and 5 days of sick leave.
PTO time is "owned" by the employee, and subject to some limitations, hours can be cashed in twice a year. All accrued PTO hours will be paid out in a lump sum following termination of employment.
In addition, eligible employees will be entitled to up to 8 hours of Floating PTO each calendar year. These hours are separate from the above hours and are not accrued and cannot be carried over from one year to the next. Hours must be used by the end of the calendar year and are not to be carried over to the next year.

Other Leave

Seven additional days are accrued each year for Sick Time (one day of PTO must be used first).
This is designed to compensate employees for personal illness or disability.
Employees are eligible to receive pay for other types of leave, including Family Medical Leave, Bereavement Leave, Jury (Court) Duty, Family Crisis Leave, Personal Leave, and Pregnancy Related Leave.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage is available to all benefited employees. The current plan offered by Premera Blue Cross includes coverage for medical, dental, vision and pharmaceuticals.
Rates vary, depending on chosen plans and coverage, and the number of dependents an employee is covering. For benefited employees hired to work 60 hours or more per pay period, the hospital pays 89% of the premium for employees and their dependents. The remaining amount of the premium is automatically deducted from the employee's pay.

    $1,000 Calendar Year Deductible per enrollee, $3,000 per family.
    $75 Emergency Room Deductible (waived if admitted or accidental injury)
    $30 Office Visit Deductible
    $50 Dental Deductible pays 80% on basic service.
    Free Dental Cleaning and exams
    Vision - 1 free exam per calendar year; $300 hardware every two years

      Life Insurance

      Usable Life: $2,000 Basic Life & $5,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment - Employer Paid

      Optional Benefits

      Supplemental Benefits (Life, Accident, and Disability0: Aflac, Colonial & State of AK Optional Benefit Plans

      Deferred Compensation: Available through Empower Retirement, Waddell & Reed & ICMA

      Other Benefits

      Health Club Membership at Oceanside Therapy - $20.00/month membership fees for use of the gym.

      Hospital Services Discount: Employees and their eligible dependents may be eligible for discounts on services provided at and billed by Sitka Community Hospital - Old. Any unpaid balance after insurance and discount is the employee's responsibility.

      Competitive Wages

      The salary administration system at the hospital was created to achieve consistent pay practices, comply with federal and state laws, and offer competitive wages within our labor market. Because recruiting and retaining talented employees is critical to our success, S.C.H. is committed to paying its employees equitable wages that reflect the requirements and responsibilities of their positions. Our pay ranges are comparable to the pay received by similarly situated employees in similar healthcare organizations.

      Compensation for every position is determined by several factors, including job analysis and evaluation, the essential functions, duties and responsibilities of the job, and salary survey data on pay practices of other employers. We currently use salary survey data from the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association.

      State Benefits System

      Since January, 1983, the Hospital has not participated in the Social Security System. In lieu of that, Social Security has been replaced with the SBS system. Employee contributions (6.13%) are deducted from gross wages (pre-tax) and SCH does a matching contribution (6.13%) in which are contributed to an annuity account The total contribution is 12.26% of your gross wages and up to the current Social Security maximum wage base which is determined annually.

      SBS is a participant directed plan meaning you can choose investment options offered by the plan. Initially, contributions are automatically invested in one of the Alaska Target Retirement Trust based on your year of birth.

      More information about SBS benefits and options is available at the following link to the Division of Retirement Benefits on the State of Alaska's web page:

      Alaska Department of Administration Retirement and Benefits: Alaska Supplemental Annuity Plan

      Retirement: PERS (Public Employees Retirement System)

      The Hospital is a participant in the State of Alaska's Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Coverage is mandatory for all benefited positions.

      Employee contributions are deducted from your gross wage(pre-tax) and deposited in the PERS fund. More information about PERS benefits and requirements is available at the following link to the Division of Retirement Benefits on the State of Alaska's web page:

      Alaska Department of Administration Retirement and Benefits: PERS

      "Under the Radar" Benefits - The Fun of Working Here

      While our employees are dedicated to providing the best service, we still find ways to enjoy our jobs. Employees here consider their coworkers a "second family" - we celebrate special occasions and holidays, and come up with fun and entertaining ways to educate, recognize achievements and still get our job done. Patients and visitors appreciate the smiles and friendliness of the staff.

      Social activities are organized by the Sitka Community Hospital - Old Employees Association. (SCHEA). This voluntary contribution program was set up to avoid "passing the hat," and provides gifts, cards and flowers to employees on special occasions, as well as coordinating staff parties and picnics.

      The Community Hospital Image Promoters (CHIPs) team makes sure the public is aware of our services and programs. They participate in community events - everything from health fairs to parades.